A literary analysis of sura 2

The structure of the surah has been commented on by Dr.

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The Surah chapters of the Quran in the English translated versions of the Quran prove to contain a rich variety of linguistic features. In doing all of this, my intention was not to look at the religious value of the verses, but at the literary value that is so abundant in both the English language translations and the original. They have been urged to persevere in the cause of truth and pray regularly as both these would bring them Allah's help. Chesterton, say, or C. Long the lost language of diasporic Judaism, Hebrew is now once again a living language, and one with a hegemonic force, converting the Arabic around it into the medium in which Palestinians record their losses. The Jews and the leaders of the Quraish are perfect representatives of this category. These words were said to me in a language not Arabic. It is an article of faith with many contemporary literary critics, after all, that modern literature is secular in its very core.

O, this is the madness of the desert, his crazy Arabic. This paper is an attempt to create an awareness of the linguistic features present in the English language translations of the meaning of the Quran.

In fact, this arrogance proved the biggest obstacle for them in their acceptance of the Prophethood of Mohammad pbuh. They, therefore, thought that this association would grant them salvation as well in the Hereafter.

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They must not forget that if He has showered His favours and blessings upon them, He has also punished them whenever they have been ungrateful to Him. Dr Heba is specialized in the field of Linguistics and she has kindly given her professional advice in the preparation of the contents of this paper, Keywords: Literary Text; Linguistics; Literature; Stylistics; English language Translations of the Quran.

Section III This section, which ranges from verse to verse mainly consists of the laws and directives of the Shariah revealed to the Muslim Ummah. Initially, it has been made clear in this section that the religion of Abraham and his descendents was Islam and not Judaism or Christianity.

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This was because they were true seekers of the truth and were not jealous and obstinate like others who had rejected Islam merely on these bases. Spending in the way of God i.

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Said, Edward W. It is also worth noting that the rd verse of surat al-Baqarah, which is composed of verses, contains the word "middle" is half of [13].

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Surat al‐Baqara: A Structural Analysis*