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But not every customer knows about the benefits of spending locally. Would SBS be just a one-off?

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Not sure how to stress how important it is for the community to support its independent businesses? Foot traffic is its own reward—but only if you capitalize on it. Tell people about the benefits of Small Business Saturday. What is Small Business Saturday? ESI calculated the share of national Gross Domestic Product GDP , employment and employee compensation that small businesses with under employees provide to the economy based on an analysis used by the U. It reads: Support Small Business. In response to widespread support from public officials, the US Senate unanimously passed a motion declaring Small Business Saturday an official day - realising AmEx's goal of making it an official part of America's national holiday shopping season. Think about specialized services that only a small business like yours can provide. Nobody gets much for free these days, but the weekend of Small Business Saturday November 30 is a major exception. But think of all you stand to gain from borrowing new knowledge and skill sets from others. Five thousand small businesses participated and million Americans 'shopped small' on the day. What pairings inspire people to come into your shop? This is an important step for any business. Be tireless with optimizing your online store and marketing channels for increasing conversion rate.

And shoppers have been happy to oblige. After submitting the information you can download your marketing materials.

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In total, small businesses account for While you may not be able to dictate what people are saying about you, you can at least point them in the right direction toward the best places to talk. How popular are these resources? We are proud to partner with American Express to promote small businesses.

Amex small business saturday

This is a very small change big brands can make in overall communication plans but one that will have big results. This will let you create local partnerships, or at the very least, you can share ideas to get prepared together. They provide a ton of marketing and informational resources on the Small Business Saturday website. They trust this community to carry out some of the work for them. We then displayed their tweets pledging to "Shop Small" in page take-overs, also inviting others to tweet where they planned to shop on Small Business Saturday as well. As a large business organization, you can indeed have it all! American Express initially promoted through spots on national TV and the radio as well as some premium advertising inventory on Facebook, doled out to small businesses who were also AmEx account holders. Suddenly small business was anything but. Small Business Saturday became a social phenomenon - generating 2.

By doing so, you will cultivate a closer and more symbiotic relationship with your community and appeal to a wider consumer audience! Tactic 4: Rely on Customer Feedback Initiate Online Relationships Over the lifespan of Small Business Saturday, entrepreneurs have grown more and more adept at guiding customers to connect with them online.

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Case Study: AmEx Small Business Saturday