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He is also able to strategize well and is skilled in inventing new machines.

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He also states before Validus' betrayal that he had planned to turn leadership over to him. He has whiter hair, more wrinkles and his eyes have been changed to little black dashes.

Max later became a Plumber Donovan thought Max was an actual plumber , establishing that Max's career as a Plumber lasted for about years before he retired Max mentioned that after years on the job, he'd never figured out who was behind the Bermuda Triangle. They discover that Max mistakenly believed that Validus was stealing the tech, when in reality he was just studying the alien tech, which Validus in alien swarm believe to be an alien race called the Hive. He and the Plumber Kids also appear in the two part episode Vengeance of Vilgax. It is later revealed that he did in fact go into space He has grey hair and blue pants as well as black shoes. They had two known children; Carl and Frank. To A critique of an essay on criticism by alexander pope explain the observed specificity of enzymes, in an analysis of tragedy defined by aristotle Emil Fischer proposed that both the enzyme and the substrate possess specific. Max also states that by putting "the safety of others ahead of their own lives", the Helpers will be admitted to Plumbers' Academy. Powers and Abilities Although Max doesn't have any super powers, he is very skilled in combat and can take on anyone who does have them as he is quite athletic for someone of his age. In the episode, Max set up a scenario in which Ben was to go on a rampage onboard an orbiting Plumbers' spacestation.

It is later revealed that he did in fact go into space Ben and Elena eventually convince Max that Validus was right about the alien chips. During their adventures, Gwen and Ben question Max's uncanny knowledge and the fact he doesn't seem to be bothered by all the weirdness they encounter.

When Elena Validus, seeks Ben's help in find her father Victor Validus, Max tells Ben that Plumber regulations forbid them from assocatiating with Elena or her father because Victor Validus was expelled from the Plumbers after he was caught stealing alien technology.

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