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He pays a lot of attention to strategic development of the company and plays the main role in taking management and strategic decisions in the company. Ethical aspects of Bill Gates leadership Another important question that arises while analyzing Bill Gates leadership is the ethical question. However, in the 20th century a youngster successfully created a computer system that changed all over the world. After Bill read an article on the Altair computer, he dropped out of Harvard University to pursue his passion in software development Microsoft also made an agreement with Kuzuhiko Nishi for future software developments in Japan. Nevertheless, Bill Gates was convinced in the great perspectives computing and software had in the future. In fact, the company has already been attacked for the violation of anti-trust laws though the position of the company did not deteriorate dramatically it is still possible to presuppose that further efforts from the part of states and competitors to undermine the dominant position of Microsoft can lead to disastrous results. What is meant here is the fact that Bill Gates realized the great perspective of the company he wanted to create and he convinced his friends that this company could be really successful. Down to Earth. Two years later Microsoft moved to Seattle, due to the growth of the company. Also that year Microsoft moved to Redmond, Washington, to accommodate its twelve hundred employees. Bill Gates is an international hero. In such a situation, it is really important to carefully analyze his work and career as well as his personality, in order to clearly find out the major reasons that helped him to achieve such a tremendous success. This is why he and his companion actually started to develop software for personal computers that brought them tremendous success. Gates was kicked out of the club because he was two years younger and was thought to be immature

Speaking about his first successes which may be viewed as the basis for his future progress and leading position in the world market of IT and software, it is necessary to underline that Bill Gates began his career in personal computer software, programming computers at age of 13 Bank Over the past 68 years, he has accomplished many things.

Gates wrote his first software program at the age of At the same time, it is also important to underline that Bill Gates was able to foresee the further development of technologies and business. Together they entered the world of programming at Lakeside. Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica.

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Paul Allen, still very close to Bill saw this as a huge opportunity for business. Yes, the world will remember Bill Gates not because he was the richest man in the world for 14 years straight Forbesbut because of all his efforts overseas and how he encourages other wealthy people to share their money with the less fortunate Surrounded by these groundbreaking events, Time Magazine compiled the most influential people of the year.

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William Henry Gates used to be the chief executive and chairman one of the world's most successful personal computer software company, Microsoft which he co-founded with Paul Allen Gawker. It should be pointed out that he started his work at a very early age and it was one of the major conditions of his further success because due to his young age he managed to take risks at the domain where other more experienced businessmen were unwilling to invest money. This is why it was really important to maintain the leading position of the company in the market in the situation when the competition was constantly growing. Bill and Melinda Gates, Eli Broad, and Walter Annenberg are the funders which donate millions of dollars to the public school in order to improve public education Acknowledging his ardor to learn, his parents enrolled him in Lakeside Preparatory School at the age of Moreover, it is necessary to underline that it was not just because of success of his programming and software that made him so eager in his work but it is also due to the fact that he was a great enthusiast that really enjoyed his work. Paul Allen, still very close to Bill saw this as a huge opportunity for business. Gates is very important in the computer world. It was focused on designing software product that preformed well and was easy to operate 3. For some it is just maybe getting their dream job or getting into their number one college. In fact, it would be quite logical that Paul Allen and all the rest of Microsoft team simply rejected the proposition of Bill Gates to create the new company since they had good perspectives and could be easily employed in any other company Lowe
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Bill Gates Research Papers