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Nov 12, Rachel Aranda rated it liked it This book was a very good overview about how one man could change two lives for the worse. Darryl Beamish's wilful murder conviction was quashed in When will my order arrive? For enquiries regarding the delivery of your order, contact Star Track Customer Service on 13 23 45 - and quote the above consignment number.

The location and interviewing of the other, surviving, victims of Cooke and the creation of a detailed analysis of his life and criminal career produced the narrative history, "Broken Lives".

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Renewed public interest in the cases led to several appearances in the electronic media, including on ABC Television 's high-profile programme, Australian Story. Have read it a few times, and it fascinated me, as well as angered me to learn about the amount of tunnel vision that the police have when it comes to "getting their man".

Through her investigations and the new evidence Blackburn presented in 'Broken Lives', new appeals were gained before Western Australia's Court of Criminal Appeal for John Button and Darryl Beamish, leading to Button being exonerated of manslaughter in and as this updated edition revealsBeamish being exonerated of wilful murder in For those like me who l No one who reads this true account could doubt that the author, Estelle Blackburn, is an investigative journalist of the highest order.

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Broken lives / Estelle Blackburn