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In the version you are referring to, we unfortunately had a bug that caused the app to crash, but luckily, thanks to the feedback of you and other users, our developers have been hard at work to find and remove this bug. Fancy Cursive Script Writing. As soon as children were old enough to pick up a pen, they were taught to copy the distinctive swirls, the connecting tails and loops very much like the ones you find on this page.

Used it on everything.

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Also, my device is generally not very good. It's nice! I won't be keeping my subscription because I don't need these services for my day-to-day life; but I could certainly see using this app if I were more active on social media. They asked me to put the reference number ON the photo. It really upsets me that now I have to stop using this app due to all the crashing.

Download The Case for Cursive Writing You might remember or be surprised that in earlier times not too long ago, the practice of cursive penmanship was a mandatory drill in classrooms.

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