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My final objective on my PDP was for my daughter to look up to me and see me as a good example of a working mother with a developing career. Courses in this collection are also great for people that want an introduction in the specific subjects discussed in each course.

A successful business starts with a clear vision and a thorough understanding of the opportunities available to turn that vision into a reality.

Studying in the evenings and at weekends worked well for me, but without the support and understanding of my wife and daughter, it could have been very difficult. In AugustI set about furthering my education, to advance my business understanding and enrich my life skills; all from the comfort of my home.

I quickly became familiar with the format and deadlines and actually started enjoying the course. Faculty use seven courses to delve into the major, covering topics such as marketing, organizational leadership, and management information systems.

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Strategic Management Master's degrees in United Kingdom