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Learn how and when to remove this template message Change comes from two sources. If managers do not take leadership in rebuilding their base of legitimacy, and do it artfully and well, they might as well contemplate the worst of the possibilities. People whose sense of purpose focuses only on the development of their own potential soon lose objectivity and perspective. After examining key events in history, I conclude: true change comes from empowering others to embrace actions based on their nature rather than to impose morality upon others. Both men and women are considered to be great contributors [4] to social change worldwide. Management, acting out of a sense of property rights, resisted. Somewhat like its Japanese and European counterparts, the U. What we really believe today, as measured from what we are actually doing, does not jibe with these time-honored notions; in many cases, our actions are diametrically opposed to our party line. Ideology as Connective Tissue… One great difficulty we have in facing up to this problem of ideological transition is that we have always thought of ourselves as a pragmatic people that does what needs to be done to meet the requirements of the time. But such action is clearly a losing game. It requires innovative methods that determine strategies that will be successful in realizing the required change. It is the first environment within which every child begins to build moral structures and form patterns of behavior. Nevertheless, the structure worked efficiently, and the United States accepted it because of its respect for the automobile and for material growth per se. This tension must now be replaced by reciprocity and the desire to serve.

In the past, when economic growth and progress were synonymous, we preferred that managers be as free as possible from stockholder interference, in the name of efficiency.

Implicit in individualism is the notion that man has the will to acquire power, that is, to control external events, property, nature, the economy, politics, or whatever.

Social Change in the Society Social change is the transformation of the social order in the community by making adjustments and variations to social institutions, behavior, and relations.

Another source is systematic factors. We need to stand back and look at the whole body of our problems and not merely at the dilemmas and questions each one presents to us individually—we must look at the forest, now, instead of the trees. During the cycle of human life, an individual passes through the stages of infancy, childhood and adolescence, before undergoing the transition to adulthood.

Furthermore, the vast majority of them have not the slightest desire for such responsibility. Protecting what they need to live a full and healthy life. It involves social evolution where the society makes amendments to traditional societal norms leading to the necessary change.

What is the nature of true freedom?

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The rights of property were secure, and the contract which followed from them was authoritative. But the hierarchies have barely budged. In a sense, both the subject and the object of such relations are victims of violence.

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Living in a Rapidly Changing Society: Transition to Maturity by Farzam Arbab