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Poverty not only prevents you from getting a good and quality of life. Low- and middle-income families need more help paying for child care and more assistance in identifying reliable, nurturing care for their children, especially infants and toddlers. It also affects the government and taxpayers in the form of increased funds or increased taxes to be paid or given to the people who need it. Do they live in poverty or not. Children who live in poverty are impacted with many negative effects physically or mentally. Material deprivation is not as widespread in the United States as it was 30 or 40 years ago. Between and , real after-tax incomes rose by percent for the top one percent of households, compared to 21 percent and 11 percent for households in the middle and bottom fifth respectively. Sixty percent of children whose parents are immigrants are low-income, compared to 37 percent of children whose parents were born in the U. There are approximately 1. One of the main factors of child abuse is where they live.

In addition, key concepts of three core sociological perspectives; structural functionalism, symbolic interactionism and conflict perspective will be explored. Main Body a.

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In the current economic downturn, it is expected that the number of poor children will increase by millions. Stagnant incomes combined with the high cost of basic necessities have made it difficult for families to save, and many middle- and low-income families alike have taken on crippling amounts of debt just to get by.

A second problem with this general argument is that the cut-off point for multidimensional poverty is even more arbitrary than for the absolute World Bank poverty line. It is crucial that we have the same expectations for all students and remove any barriers that lead to underachievement.

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It has many favorable and unfavorable points of view. The null hypothesis states that there is no significance relationship between poverty and homicide.

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It seems to be the situation happening in the developing countries. I would also observe their interaction around other people. All other dimensions of a multidimensional poverty approach for children are not different from those for adults: food, shelter, clothes, health, water and sanitation. These agencies partner with local, national, and international institutions to promote their particular health or educational agenda. In my opinion, poverty is much more than not having enough money to supply basic needs. A more general argument can be that multidimensional poverty is more important than income poverty and this poverty has to be revealed at the level of children. Are some children and families at greater risk for economic hardship than others? What are the effects of economic hardship on children? Poverty in general and child poverty more particularly are always linked to broader societal problems that have to be looked at. Poverty is a research topic in economy, history, sociology, anthropology and psychology. It even gives these structures a moral legitimacy. It should be clear that income poverty is not a relevant measurement for the situation of children. However, the environment that surrounding children varies, and even little differences of the environment could make large developmental differences in each child. In ,woman aged and living in rural areas were twice as likely to be married before 18 than their urban counterpart The literacy rate for this country is
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