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In fact, you can check out our quick-start memoir writing prompts here. The topics below are mostly set, but subject to change. At Fuse Literary, Laurie specializes in middle grade, young adult, and adult genre fiction romance novels, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thrillers, suspense, horror, etc.

Options: Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and horror: Faculty member Cody T Luffa published author, will get your work in advance, critique the first 10 double-spaced pages of your story, meet with you for at least 10 minutes at the workshop to discuss his thoughts, and pass along written critique notes at the meeting.

You can find out more about them here. Karly has a deep love for characters with a strong voice and seeks out stories she can get lost in.

Find out more at katefarrell.

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She will also consider a travel or adventure memoir. Please note that query editing payments and manuscript editing payments are completely non-refundable if the instructor has already edited your work. She is recently retired as a teacher librarian from the San Francisco public schools. Courses ColWrit N, The Craft of Creative Nonfiction 10am - 12pm This course in creative writing focuses on the craft of reading and writing creative nonfiction. Find out at this minute session! Spaces with faculty for these critiques are very limited, and participating attendees get an in-person meeting at the workshop. A writing class can help you to improve your craft and develop the skills to plan out your next book. Here are four quick testimonials regarding writers who have signed with literary agents after pitching them at prior Writing Day Workshops events. Friday, September 6 Writing a memoir? She has been a language arts classroom teacher pre-school through 12th , author, librarian, university lecturer, and storyteller since Payment is by either PayPal or check. Amy always looks for an unexpected story arc, a suitable pace, and a compelling protagonist. Learn more about Lesley here. Note that there are limited seats at the event total.

The writing center offers classes in various genres, including memoir. You will come to understand dramatic writing as an art and as a set of skills; you will receive an introduction to some of the elements involved in the creation of written scripts.

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A consultant to the California Dept. The faculty who deliver the classes are all renowned published authors and are also former students of the Writers Studio.

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She is also interested in acquiring narrative nonfiction. Pinterest 0 Are you a writer looking for writing classes in San Francisco? A writing class can help you to improve your craft and develop the skills to plan out your next book.

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