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For example: Types of communication: difficult, complex or sensitive: Most communication between people is about sharing or transmitting information. Aggression Aggression is effecting the communication due to the nurse raising her voice for Mr and Mrs Singh, so she could be heard over the environmental noise. Tiredness, lack of time or a desire to avoid emotional stress can be a barrier to providing caring information. In this assignment I will be explain 4 theories and link it to a scenario that was given by the teacher in class. Educational and Intellectual Difference The difference in formal educational and intellectual level of sender and receiver also influence the meaning of communication. Functional Relationship between Sender and Receiver. There are different types of communication barriers that stop communication from going well. This also relates to jargon. Effective communication has a big role in health and social care environment because there are a lot of jobs that come under health and social care. Creating a caring presence can help to understand what the other person feelings may be experiencing. Seating may be a barrier for Kristen and other service users as they may not be sitting properly, for example they may have their backs against each other, this is will stop eye contact from occurring, therefore the communication each person will not be effective and will cause many misunderstandings between hospital workers and the service users. Sometimes we see that for the purpose of maintaining the formality it the organization, some people go too far. Moreover, people may intentionally misinterpret the inner meaning of words. Lighting can also be a communication barrier for Kristen and other service users as the face cannot be seen clearly, doctors and service users will not be able to see the lips to lip read and therefore this will stop effective communication from occurring. Emotional Difference Emotions and feelings of the parties involved in communication significantly affect the meaning of communication.

Just being with a person who is lonely, anxious or depressed can provide comfort, simply knowing that someone is there can help to feel supported as it shows that you are developing empathy with them.

Obvious power refers to people who occupy a higher position in business or government and have to communicate with their employees or subjects.

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Trying to understand these thoughts and feelings can be very difficult. Also, consultations may be rushed as the health and social care professionals may not have enough time for Kristen and other service users.

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Slag is when a service user uses language that not everyone uses, such as saying they have a problem with their waterworks. This would affect the interaction by making Mr and Mrs Singh feel that they the nurse is not being friendly to them but instead is being aggressive. I work at nursing home where we are always short of staff and when we short of staff it always a misunderstanding about how many residents do each employee has we usually only have ten… Words - Pages 2 Essay on health and social care Effective communication setting: Hospital In the care setting I have chosen is a hospital and explaining what the effective roles are of communication within the hospital, in care setting there are many different effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social, such as Braille, sign language oral, written, etc. It will make Mrs Singh feel that she is not important. Post navigation. The ward that Kristen was in she was the only person that could speak English, other service users could not speak English. Noise can also be a barrier to Kristen and other service users in the ward as it will be very difficult to hear as it may block out what they need to hear. As the service providers are not sitting at the same level as Mrs Singh and Mr Singh which shows less eye contact will be made.

At times, carers stop listening to so they can avoid painful emotions. This influences the communication badly because it will make Mr and Mrs Singh feel uncomfortable and will make them feel pressured and disempowered.

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For example, the doctor may say that a patient needs bloods and an MRI scan. Distance can also affect communication, if people are trying to communicate and there is a gap between them it can cause a communication barrier.

They might also be tearful or have difficulty speaking. People in power positions may exert their power on individuals who are not equally competent, and this inequality could act as a barrier to effective communication.

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