Exploring the uncontrollable computer virus

In that sense, Love Letter could be considered the first socially engineered computer virus. So how is it possible that centrifuges can disintegrate without any warning?

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He drove to pump 14, examined it and its computer, and found them to be in perfect working order. Finally, he located the software that was causing the computers to crash. Instead of there being tens or hundreds of copies of the worm in the world, there grow to be at one point over , copies. In other words, the percent of uranium is higher than it was before the gas was injected to the machine. The people analyzing the worm have concluded they have discovered what they think is a bug. And so, there was nothing in the worm to evade whitelisting, but there was stuff in the worm to evade AV. The fact that the suspected software was exploiting a bug in the operating system was the smoking gun Sergey was looking for. Why this software in particular?

After discovering Stuxnet, we were forced to ask ourselves—how much more potentially devastating viruses are out there? The hard-disk is over active?

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Much of it is classified, a lot of people have signed nondisclosure agreements, talking about it might be considered security sensitive for all the obvious reasons. At first, the experts suspected that disturbances from other control systems in the area were causing the problems, or that there was an error in the hardware.

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These computers will almost always be segregated and protected from the other computers in the organizational network, using several IT security measures like anti-virus software or virtual firewalls. What we do know is that while the employee copies the documents from the USB drive, Stuxnet installs itself on his desktop in complete silence, without any warnings or alerts. He sits at his desk and takes out a USB thumb drive. Ralph Langner thinks this paranoia—this digital psychological torment—might have been the real intention of whoever was behind Stuxnet. So how is it possible that centrifuges can disintegrate without any warning? The extent of that is not always clear. As you might have guessed, I did not choose the analogy randomly. The Internet is full of viruses stealing bank account information, installing unwanted software on computers and causing all sorts of trouble. Those who were dissecting it, this took time. Hiding in Plain View Now you may be asking: How is it possible that no one in the Iranian facility noticed the changes in the rotation speed caused by Stuxnet? Once Stuxnet took over the PLC, it checked to see which electrical components were attached to it.

At first, Sergey assumed that it was a technical problem having nothing to do with malware—maybe a collision of sorts between two installed programs.

Investigators assumed that he was penetrating the network remotely, via wireless communication.

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Exploring the uncontrollable computer virus