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If you are already registered with these systems, you do not need to do it again. Similarly, writing provides a record of the farmer's actions, thoughts, and reasoning; a record that can guide others if the farmer is not present when a decision needs to be made in the future.

Many grants have reporting requirements that far exceed those found with loan financing.

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How may funds be used? North Dakota has 64 licensed hemp growers this year who planned to plant nearly 4, acres, according to Goehring.

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Alternatively, business planning can be thought of as a framework for organizing and directing shorter-term planning efforts. While Goehring said the department isn't exactly being flooded with calls about growing hemp, he is getting more inquiries from his colleagues in other states about starting a hemp program. CBD, which many believe has healing properties, is a substance derived from the hemp plant, a member of the cannabis genus. Writing clarifies thinking, identifies issues that otherwise may be overlooked, and prevents a difficult or detailed decision from being postponed with an attitude of "we can work out the details later. Required Forms. Last week, the state Department of Agriculture held its first informational meeting for current and prospective hemp farmers looking to produce CBD. Businesses also receive indirect assistance in cases where their community qualifies for grant funding for infrastructure and essential community facilities. Farmers have curtailed capital expenditures dramatically, Walter said, and the improvement isn't likely to spur a big jump, as many operations are trying to catch up with debt obligations. Producers ranged in age from 25 to Last week's informational meeting on growing hemp for CBD included an overview of the state law, as well as hemp sustainability, diseases and pests. A good feeling to have this done. Goehring said a drop in the fee could encourage more farmers to apply.

He said he plans to continue to read up on different ailments and which types of hemp seeds can help. Business planning encourages farmers to set specific standards of performance so they can, in a timely manner, change their farm operation when the business is no longer on the expected or desired path.

Because the U.

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Your grant agreement will tell you how often you need to send the reports, what forms you need to use, and what information you need to put in the reports.

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Hemp gaining traction among North Dakota farmers