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Starting a blog or creating other social media sites that are linked to the website is a powerful marketing strategy also. Herbalife is set up as a multilevel marketing business what some call a pyramidand the real money comes to those who are able to recruit other distributors and train them to be successful.

Each IBP contain the Herbalife Distributorship Application and Agreement, which you must complete and submit in order to receive an Herbalife Identification Number and purchase products.

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The quickest and easiest method of completing your registration is online at www. You may also mail your Application; however, this process might take a few days. As of JanuaryHerbalife had more than 2.

The Herbalife corporation gives distributors a lot of support in the form of training and marketing materials.

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Understanding Volume Throughout this manual, we use the term volume extensively. Selling only the retail product or emphasizing it first requires that you sell a large volume of product to make money.

Emphasize the business opportunity over and above the retail products. Approach these people first.

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Building a Healthy Business with Herbalife 1 votes, average: 5. This is a great opportunity to sell directly to customers while also building a distributor team, earning commissions by helping others become nutritional distributors. Volume is calculated on the accumulated Volume Point value of products ordered in a Volume Month.

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How to Succeed in Herbalife