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At his trial at Nuremberg in he discussed the dangers of modern dictatorship.

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He was a peasant. After this disastrous and pivotal loss, propaganda shifted to drumming up public support for total war, and the German economy became fully devoted to the war effort. Fromm knew how to state a problem clearly; he had presence and had diplomatic tact.

Labor to build the A4 rockets came from the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp. He coveted control of the production of armaments for the Luftwaffe airforce and Kriegsmarine navy.

I knew that these must be Berlin Jews who were being evacuated. Through his technical genius and the labor of millions of impressed workers, Speer was able to give Hitler and his armies the weapons needed to prolong the most murderous and devastating of all wars.

There were so many corpses at the Dora underground factory, for example, that the crematorium was overwhelmed. Someone sketched out on a drafting table the decontamination showers, complete with the fake hot-water spigots used to lull and deceive doomed prisoners.

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Again and again he described how he had forced his way into the Hotel Hanselmayer in Wiessee - not forgetting, in the telling, to make a show of his courage: "We were unarmed, imagine, and didn't know whether or not those swine might have armed guards to use against us. Defence against air attacks required the production of thousands of anti-aircraft guns, the stockpiling of tremendous quantities of ammunition over the country, and holding in readiness hundreds of thousands of soldiers, who in addition had to stay in position by their guns, often totally inactive, for months at a time. He tended to be more serious and studious than his playmates, and showed an early interest in and love for mathematics. Speer died in a London hospital in In January , Speer applied for Nazi Party membership, and on March 1, , he became member number , He concludes that Speer was clearly unique among the top Nazis that survived the war. In his disturbing logic, Himmler even stated his sympathy with those who had to endure the crude and heartless work of killing women and children, but assured them that future generations of Germans would be grateful. He set about extending his power and influence with unexpected ambition. On hearing that, the other defendants laughed in the courtroom. I had lived thoughtlessly among murderers. They discuss affairs in the Caribbean from the days of slave trading to present day issues.

And I thought that by paying my party dues of a few marks a month I had settled with my political obligations. The ranging cultures in the Caribbean bring about many different points of view.

General Fromm as Chief of the Reserve Army deeply concerned about this kind of poor planning.

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The Architecture of Evil