How mass media affects youth culture

Youth and media

It has enhanced communication among youths and provided a more convenient avenue for interaction. Lievrouw, L. Media literacy is sadly lacking in the classroom, in general, which raises concerns about how students will become actively and critically engaged in democracy Carr, Kellner, Some students conclude that the mass media betrays the public trust, that is too enveloped in the corporate interest to delve too deeply into the real issues, and, significantly, they find that almost all of the mainstream news is homogenized, staid, inoffensive, and, strikingly, the same, which constrains rather than facilitates a politically literate public. Its employment and profusion in adverts and every sphere of life connotes more than a significance expressed through signs, symbols and icons as well. In other words, youth can arguably be termed as an evolution of social media culture, because both social media and culture affect the creation of youth. Without the presence of people, especially youth, virtual space would be non-existent. Our conclusion, that political literacy needs to be a clearer and more strident focus of the educational process, leads to further questioning of the neo-liberal model of education, which, arguably, has constrained the vastly expanding horizons of youth culture, and, as a consequence, the essence of democracy. This analysis has explored the way social media influences and impacts youth culture and ideology.

As a result, youths are arguably deprived of the chance of encountering the physical world. London: Sage publications Limited. Haythornthwaite, C.

Impact of media on youth essay

Most students state that they were not aware of the extent of corporate and political influence over the lives of our youths. Amongst them are blogs. Fernback, J. Youths have observably transformed from a mass to a virtual society, as a result of the prevalence of social media on communication. They then present their findings from the fieldwork. This article will elaborate on the pros and cons of media towards youth culture. Kear, K. This essay will discuss such influences of the media on the youth as well as how they can be addressed. Importantly, we find that the process of public education does not systematically fully incorporate into the formal curriculum the plurality of identities that would best serve to more fully engage students in education. This analysis has explored the way social media influences and impacts youth culture and ideology. Media has certain good outcomes too. Thus media influences youth language.

It is the media which determines the current trends. This enterprise signs punk artists committed to social activism, distributes books and DVDs by well-known transformative intellectuals, such as Angela Davis, Howard, Zinn, and Noam Chomsky, provides information on current political issues, and builds political networks that expose the corruption tied to the Bush regime, corporate conglomerates, and mass media outlets.

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Due to the process of sharing personal thoughts and ideas online to a specific audience, youths now knowingly or unknowingly adopt certain cultures into their own. Although people start the course believing that they are relatively media literate, according to the entrance survey that Carr gives them, by the end of the course they are questioning their own media literacy, not to mention that of the schools and that of their students.

The discussion of youth culture, therefore, leads to a natural linkage with the nature of democratic participation in society.

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"Does the Mass Media Influence Youth Culture?"