How to be successful in college high school students preparations

how to prepare for your first semester of college

Advise on "safety," "probable" and "reach" colleges. For best results, use a study group to create test questions and practice quizzing each other. Admissions counselors want to see that you have taken the most challenging courses available. You don't have to change your friends because of your ambitions, but you should be aware of the influences that might affect you.

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Share with them what courses colleges expect to see on their transcripts. Advanced coursework will also look good on your college application. Not only are our programs efficient, but we also have some of the best instructors for our top-notch programs!

how to prepare for college classes

Then study that way! Excelling in a few challenging courses is much better than performing poorly in several.

How to prepare for college in high school as a senior

Track graduation requirements. Embrace a Healthy Life Balance Don't stress about your grades so much that you forget to have fun. Establish a healthy balance and don't let yourself go overboard either way. Enroll before classes begin! Learn to Accept Criticism It can be disheartening to find lots of red teacher's marks and comments on a paper you spent hours crafting. Appreciate the Importance of Sleep We all joke around a lot about the poor sleep habits of teens. Instead, select clubs and activities that match your passions and your personality. Take the more challenging classes so you can get a better idea of what college courses may be like. Are you picking up any bad habits from your friends? Successfully completing these courses — and doing well on the exams — demonstrates to colleges that students are capable of success at the college level. One common mistake is to "follow the pack" and select colleges for the wrong reasons. Understand What Time Management Really Means Sometimes, students assume there's some magical trick or shortcut to time management. Force yourself to turn off the gadgets and go to bed early enough to get a good night's sleep. Some of the things you can do to give students the best chance of being accepted by the college of their choice include: Help to plan a challenging course schedule.

This is supposed to be an exciting time in your life.

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Preparing for College: Tips for High School Students