How to write a discussion guide for a focus group

Get a complete list. Consider the following when you are choosing your participants: Gender: Will men and women feel comfortable discussing this topic in a mixed-gender group?

Or suppose you are concerned about the opinions of Main Street shopkeepers.

effective focus group questions

So that leaves minutes actual "answering" time. So, when designing your discussion guide you should not include so many questions that you do not have time for this rounding up process.

But needs assessment surveys typically have written, closed-ended, relatively narrow questions which are quantitatively scored.

focus group planning template

If yes, which ones, and why? Warm up section The first few minutes of your group should be devoted to warming up the participants, making them relaxed in the group setting, and also getting them to start thinking about the subject generally.

focus group discussion ppt
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How to Conduct a Successful Focus Group Discussion