How to write analysis of a training program

training needs analysis example

What are they not doing? The important questions being answered by this analysis are who will receive the training and their level of existing knowledge on the subject, what is their learning style, and who will conduct the training.

This could be through a facilitated face-to-face workshop or sessioneLearning or blended learning i. However, it may not always be the best solution. The TNA uses task analysis to determine what has to be trained and what does not. This is an analysis of the job and the requirements for performing the work.

He has been writing and creating learning materials for just over 20 years and is still relatively sane. Download our eBook now! Principle of Assessment: Use assessment instruments for which understandable and comprehensive documentation is available.

This helps ensure that the training which is developed will include relevant links to the content of the job. What factors in the workplace hinder performance skills development or improvement? What are employees doing to meet those expectations?

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How to Conduct a Training Needs Analysis