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Mitigating possible pandemic influenza effects should be a public priority.

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It is very necessary by the people of all age group to be healthy and fit. Why you should take a vacation every year.

Eat less meat and you will Iive longer. We should keep our mind busy in the free times by playing cross word puzzles, calculating sums in the head, learning something new, etc. Everyone should have access to safe blood products originated from a quality assurance system. They only earn money, eat and sleep. Teen suicide awareness should be increased. People who live in big cities will die sooner. Her twenty-eight year old mother is unemployed and she rarely sees her Traditional medicine and healing practices have been used for thousands of years with great contributions. Attention Getter: Did you know that the McDonalds arches are more recognized than the cross? Is toothpaste bad for health?

A Exercise help strength your heart and help your lungs work better. As we all know that we are here to celebrate this special occasion, I would like to speech over the topic of health and fitness.

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Here are a few exercises to improve the clarity of your speech. Attention Getter March 28,

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