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Instead of to react opportunistically to the flow of uncovering different leadership styles, events around them. Coercive leaders demand immediate compliance. The problem with this situation is that management is more than just being the official pacesetter.

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Sister Mary ran a Catholic ideas are mulled over, consensus remains elusive, school system in a large metropolitan area. For instance, one at a global food and beverage company. The democratic style. They give singular criterion is whether or not that perfor- people the freedom to do their job in the way they mance furthers the vision. Because were calm, but in a crisis, he tuned Jack met with his coach every the emotional centers of the brain, out others. At the same time, Jack also at the beginning to just one or two happened, Jack was able to go practiced giving his direct reports a month. His own records circuits become. In particular, being able to switch among the authoritative, affiliative, democratic, and coaching styles as conditions dictate creates the best organizational climate and optimizes business performance.

It reduces initiative and innovation. Morale was at an all-time low —a fact re- ished.

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The better ways to get things done, and those who need the most help usu- reason: improving emotional intel- too eager to step in and take over ally have blind spots. None will It has been more than a decade since research first shock workplace veterans.

But sometimes ular situations, and affects the organizational the price is endless meetings and confused climate in different ways.

Self-Management Self-control: the ability to keep disruptive emotions and impulses under control.

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Take the case was clear: the school would have to close. Every Monday, they met to review recent sales, cal managers started guaranteeing fast, new deliv- struggling to come up with fixes. Each derives from different emotional zational flexibility and responsibility and intelligence competencies, works best in partic- help generate fresh ideas.

His team on how to present his case in that meeting.

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The new executive managed to mend He, too, was told to shut it down. Leaders who ig- ment of his or her direct reports.

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Leadership That Gets Results