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Teachers and leaders can pick and choose which modules meet their needs and complete at a time that suits them. Term 1 In NSW, we believe strongly that PDHPE should promote learning through movement experiences that are both challenging and enjoyable to improve student capacity to be creative, confident and competent movers within and across a variety of contexts. Build a shared understanding of why the learning is important. Enrol for all modules via MyPL. The reader needs to stop periodically, reflect on how a text is being processed and understood, and relate what reading strategies are being employed. Be able to identify and articulate why the learning is occurring and the evidence that demonstrates this learning is occurring. January 25, Leave a comment The timeline for implementation for a new PDHPE K syllabus has not yet been determined, but will be released with the syllabus. What is physical literacy? The NSW Physical Literacy continuum K includes an A1 learning progression poster, plus a range of supporting resources and professional learning. Physical literacy in the new K PDHPE syllabus Physical literacy can be viewed through the syllabus propositions , content, outcomes and stage statements.

Registered hours: 3. Students experiencing difficulty with speaking, listening, reading and writing will also have difficulty in accessing and managing the content of PDHPE.

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One common understanding of the term literacy is that it is a set of tangible skills — particularly the cognitive skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening — that are acquired by an individual and enable that person to access and use a variety of information sources to solve an information need, communicate effectively and to make sense of the world through literature.

Physical literacy is developed through an inclusive and holistic approach with an equal focus on movement proficiency, motivation to move and appreciation of the value of moving. Schedule to be released in Term 1.

This strategy is also helpful for teaching how to read critically in a particular subject.

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Knowing and focusing on what students can do allows teachers to determine where to next when planning for student learning within and across classes, groups of learners and individual students. There is no hierarchy.

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