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Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe was repeating his warnings about the economic danger of low wages in front of the government as recently as February. We will help them cover the costs of an attorney if they choose to do that.

Some readers may ask whether the only reason Romeo and Juliet married was so they could have sex, as in Shakespeare's time it was not acceptable to have sex outside of marriage. It looks like there might be rough seas ahead.

In a spontaneous and powerful monologue, Lizzie responds in a way which would have viewers vigorously applauding everywhere. We just want it to be real. If they did, they do. However, even after couples have left the show, some still maintain constant contact with the specialists.

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The show must actively screen for candidates that are willing to enter into a marriage without having seen their future husband or wife. We have men sitting there going, 'well yeh, you have to be this way, you have to look that way', otherwise, you know — I don't want a bar of it. You gotta do your own dress, buy your own clothes.

Looking back on it, it looks like I did hit on him and that's what everybody here wants me to admit, so yeah I'm admitting it for Dan. Although the situations between two complete strangers marrying should provide adequate storylines, the production team still felt the need to edit footage to produce more drama.

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Do you feel that?

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Married at First Sight's Elizabeth Sobinoff's speech has women cheering