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Twain tries to show the wrongness in society, focusing racism and equality.

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I always strive to do the right thing to be a good influence on her. They train him downward or they train him upward—but they train him; they are at work upon him all the time. Will my reform reach perfection?

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In Missouri and Louisiana combined there were less than one half a million white persons Chang, Twain p. This morning.

Mark twains essays

That was done automatically—by your mental machinery, in strict accordance with the law of that machinery's construction. Well, let us adjourn. Sometimes a timid man sets himself the task of conquering his cowardice and becoming brave—and succeeds. In the selected passage, Huck struggles with his self-sense of morality. That position is untenable—I may say ludicrously untenable. His overall character was very sophisticated and caring. It is our breath, our heart, our blood. I will tell you a little story: Once upon a time an Infidel was guest in the house of a Christian widow whose little boy was ill and near to death. Freedom is the key reason the boys run away to Jackson Island. It is a large factor, sure enough. By it do you particularly mean— Old Man. Then what is the trouble?

In March ofTwain's daughter Susan Olivia was born, and the family appeared prosperous. Otherwise he will not do it.

Why, he is silent; does not thank you. The influences about him create his preferences, his aversions, his politics, his tastes, his morals, his religion.

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