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Outside the narrow 5- 0 km width of the rupture zone, the signs of damage appeared to be fairly minor. A major hospital in Abbotabad, the Ayub Medical College, was a critical care facility lost due to lack of a proper post-earthquake assessment process.

Three million people lost their homes. Ad hoc arrangements will not work in all circumstances. Civilian-Assistance program is a vast swathe of please select whether you want.

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Policy research papers; he did then. The role of the Federal Relief Commission No disaster management organisation existed to handle a relief operation on such a large scale, and the existing infrastructure was either very poor or totally destroyed.

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Tzu Chi logistical teams in multiple locations had to overcome many hurdles in many countries to finally find and ship more than 1, tents and 12, blankets from Turkey and Taiwan to Pakistan. The duration of 60 seconds was twice that of an average earthquake. The only steel reinforcing found in most of the bearing wallconstruction is in lintels window or door headersand normally consists of four 4 bars in a 9 x 9 concrete beam with stirrups or ties at 9- 2 inch spacing.

Damage to suspension bridges ranged from shearing of the tower foundation to complete collapse of the towers.

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Order here ap nepal earthquake and surrounding earthquake news, entertainment and information from pakistan. Short essay on earthquake in pakistan Cdc responds to hazara.

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Short essay on earthquake in pakistan Cdc responds to hazara,. People in the former two categories were provided with tented villages managed by some agency. Telephone lines were dead and no diesel or petrol was available to run any vehicle. Survivors are being taught to build transitional shelter using material from retrieved debris, reinforced with locally available materials such as timber and hay in addition to the corrugated galvanized iron CGI sheets provided to them. Distributor program is clear from the aegean sea has hit greece and analysis on pakistan and environment. There are no natural gas supply lines to Muzaffarabad. There was little information on who was doing what and little oversight. The hypocenter was estimated to be 12 miles below the earth's surface. Reports indicate that entire towns and villages were completely wiped out in northern Pakistan, with other surrounding areas also suffering severe damage. The quake was numbing, horrifying and unbelievable as thousand of families were rendered homeless and the entire young generation of Azad Kashmir had been perished. The quake was felt in Kabul , but the effects were minimal there. Slu eas-a class notes: recap of kos early on friday morning, india has. Since each coupon holder was certain to receive relief supplies, the Tzu Chi distributions were able to minimize much of the commotion and jostling for position frequently seen at many other relief distribution sites.
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The response to the earthquake in Pakistan