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One approach might be to start with consolidating various governmental expectations into a single voice by creating a commission, joint powers agreement, or other organizational vehicle that would serve as the focal point for developing and implementing regional policy.

Although the act permits the Environmental Protection Agency to set more stringent standards in cases of undercontrol, solving these problems has proved far more daunting than the relatively simple task of implementing uniform technology-based regulations.

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Such a regional authority, not necessarily residing in a single agency or even a single jurisdiction, could provide the opportunity to develop cooperation between relevant international, federal, state, and local agencies.

Existing resources could be combined and leveraged to maximize efficiency. Second, many municipal dischargers were major sources of poorly managed sanitary sewage and industrial waste. The idea was to let these managers know that they had responsibili- ties to plan and measure, and the Office of Quality could provide help if desired.

Those sewage treatment plants discharging to the sound and not yet at full secondary treatment are taking action to complete upgrades to full secondary treatment and some are adding nitrogen removal technology. There is, however, much that can be done now, and assuming a commitment to better wastewater management, more can be done at each step of the way.

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In essence, this is a formula that helps you better understand how much an average customer will spend over time. Third, some of the lead agencies responsible for creating and approving plans were not vested with the authority to monitor or enforce the plans' provisions.

At this juncture, maximum flexibility ought to be afforded each estuary program to expand planning beyond the existing framework, so as to achieve integration across jurisdictions, activities, stakeholders, and environmental media.

At issue are not only the appropriate levels of treatment but how to set priorities for addressing related problems, such as combined sewer overflows in Boston and water reclamation and stormwater discharges in San Diego.

Assignment of Authority Resistance to an integrated management approach may begin with the perception that it cannot possibly work.

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