Promote the well-being and resilience of children and young people essay

Also see attached development plan. Too much food, coupled with a lack of exercise, can lead to lots of medical issues EG, obesity, the onset of childhood diabetes etc.

There were 5 levels of an iceberg which is called the ABC module.

how to support childrens well being

I feel that the most important thing is to have a relationship with the young person which is built on trust and respect. A solution focused approach gets a child or young person to look at how they would like to see their future.

Myself and the keyworker had a consultation with a psychologist to discuss the case and what strategies we could use to help build the self-esteem and confidence of young the young person that was clearly showing signs that they needed support in this area.

1.1 explain the importance of well being for children and young people

In my supervision my own practice is evaluated and monitored. I try and encourage focus on the positives — their strengths and achievements rather than weakness and failure. We also have drop in sessions from the sexual health nurse every month and she does drop in sessions for the young people to teach them the importance of safe sex.

If young person is struggling emotionally with anger, mental health issues then the young person will be supported by being referred to a health professional CAHMS, psychiatrist, psychologist.

Children unhappy in this way are also more likely to be victimised, have eating disorders or be depressed. Strongly based on the research evidence, resilient therapy involves a partnership between Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services CAMHSacademics, social workers, youth workers, nurses, teachers, learning support assistants, the parents and carers young people themselves.

how to support resilience in a child
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Unit Lead Practice in Promoting the Well