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In his poetry, Eliot combines themes such as aridity, sexuality, and living death When positive relationships are lost, grief cripples the human body and the memories of the positive relationship are forever treasured. For Eliot, poetry is a union of opposites, the reconciliation of which needs a unified sensibility. The death of his wife had a significant impact on the way the man perceived life, resulting in his social withdrawal and lack of motivation. This means they were no longer believing the same ideals as they were before. Forests allow us to breathe through the process of photosynthesis. Mirroring Scrooge's evolution, in George Eliot's Silas Marner, Silas also transitions from a recluse in society to a rejuvenated man because of a little girl who crawls into his heart.

After the death of his wife, the protagonist feels as if he has nothing to live for, resulting in his mundane lifestyle. These notions are explored in T.

Though these aspects represent the experience of being human in all people, they are unique to and vary with each individual. Different people will inevitably undergo both positive and negative experiences in their lives- how these affect those individuals are explored in Scott Hicks' 'Shine', Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', Edvard Munch's 'the scream', and Les Murray's 'an absolutely ordinary rainbow' and Jude Wright's'The remittance man'.

As well as Analysis of T. These composers have used a variety of visual and literary techniques to demonstrate contrasting experiences that humans undergo. Weeping is a bitter-sweet emotion, but the rewards of inner peace through the release of grief and sorrow outweigh the pains of weeping. Silas Marner is a novel based on the ups and downs of the main character, Silas and his friends, neighbours and villagers Les Murray, an Abosultely Ordinary Rainbow If it is the latter, however, the person had best prepare himself to dig through the pile of misfortune The pitching of the lone man weeping in amongst the crowds of busy, materialistic commuters clearly shows the contrasting events that occur in life. The essay possesses a high critical value and significance.

The Love Song of J. Unlike his fellow philosopher Platohe maintains that a good life can be achieved through better human operations and a booming life established by us, generally living as a nation and acting honorably.

Les Murray has used him to symbolize redemption, and the man is portrayed as a messiah through the description- "Only the smallest children and such as look out of Paradise come near him and sit at his feet, with dogs and dusty pigeons", presenting him as being innocent, pure and genuine.

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Alfred Prufrock", is filled his despair of the human condition. Argument and Parody in T.

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In his quest to come up with a theory that clearly explains the principle of human condition and human function, Aristotle argues that there are different ideas which are used to identify what is most suitable for human beings. His first poem, The Love Song of J.

In his poetry, Eliot combines themes such as aridity, sexuality, and living death In succession Houses rise and fall, crumble, are extended, Are removed, destroyed, restored, or in their place Is an open field, or a factory, or a by-pass. This means they were no longer believing the same ideals as they were before. This synthesis thus enables poetry to be widely read because humans are mentally chaotic Eliot - In the twentieth century, T. The use of poetry is made to capture some aspects of human experiences. Eliot has always incorporated or reflected the idea of disillusionment in a young generation after World War I. Louis, which T. Mrs Mitty was domineering and bossy, and did not allow the protagonist to make his own decisions. If the former is the case, that individual can look forward to a life of relative ease and privilege. Orwell writes about how the future society wipes out individual personality. Another way to look at sacrifice is in Christianity, it has a tie into the theme of love.

Les Murrays Poems Since the initial appearance of "Burnt Norton" it has been a critical commonplace to regard these portions of the text as at once its most conceptually profound and its most formally prosaic.

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The Human Condition Essay