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Our women-specific collections are among the best performing styles in terms of both sell-in and sell-through. Puma emphasizes on innovation, performance, quality to design its new products to make it unique from its competitors From the overall study we will be able to conclude how marketing strategies can be more competitive with the help of our analysis and if implemented properly it will be really beneficial for a company leading to a larger customer base and increased profit.

This program, which was financed by the World Bank and BNP Paribas and which has received a number of awards, allows for receivables of the suppliers from goods delivered to PUMA to be paid more quickly provided they meet the sustainability criteria.

Licensing sales increased in in the reporting currency, the euro, by 8.

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This can be achieved by improving processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work by all the members of the organization. PUMA FUTURE, which will hit stores in earlyis designed for those players that change the game in an instant, those that play with instinct and invent play on the pitch.

This represents a They give the direction of a corporation about the activities of each business unit to achieve the organizational goals. These are the financial control parameters that are of particular significance. After the analysis of the report we will give a recommendation suggesting few steps to be used by PUMA that will help them in gaining a competitive hand over its competitions by better enhancing their marketing strategies.

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Sales of apparel increased, currency-adjusted by 8. Political situation of outsourcing sold. PUMA also started sponsoring Arsenal for their ad campaign to create more brand awareness among its customers. Free cash flow is calculated from the cash flow from operating activities and investment activities. Conclusion Marketing is a very crucial part of every organization. Does it suggest the corresponding category and a product ingredient or the type of person who might use the brand? May have to reduce energy 3. In , personnel costs increased by 1. Amounts that are received in connection with financing activities are not included in working capital. Tier 4 represents both natural and synthetic materials in their raw state, for example cotton plants, raw hides and rubber trees. Puma should advertise their products differently. In we made great strides in further improving our product engine.

Firstly the market is already established with big brands i. The solid upswing is a result of the economy in virtually all the large national economies taking an upward trajectory.

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In percent of sales, the cost ratio improved from This involves the continuous monitoring of key financial indicators within the PUMA Group along with a monthly comparison with budget targets. Changes in sales revenues are also influenced by currency exchange effects. The newly introduced trend found its way onto the international catwalks and especially onto the football pitches where PUMA set new standards for sports fashion and established the sportlifestyle segment. Marketing segmentation is to divide the customer base in cluster groups with different needs and behaviors in order to create different and appropriate Page 16 marketing proposition. Recommendation 29 19 The shoe received a great deal of attention on social media and in the press and the first color options were sold out within hours.

Puma emphasizes on innovation, performance, quality to design its new products to make it unique from its competitors. The number of employees in Research and Development remained largely stable at At the end ofthe increased financial targets were fully achieved and were even slightly exceeded with regard to the development of the gross profit margin.

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Their products can be also found on multiband stores as well and for even more convenient shopping customers can order online sitting from their home. This increases the need to take into account the risks of these factors when allocating production. PUMA City is an innovative, mobile container building and has accompanied the sailing crew during parts of the Race, being shipped to and assembled at the stop-over ports in Alicante and Boston to host celebrations, press events, entertainment and in-port race viewing. Hedging is also centralized at PIT. Imitation of product is increasing. We are very grateful to you for your guidance and kind cooperation at every step of our endeavor on this term paper. To make the world a better place to live, PUMA reduced their use of hazardous chemicals, to minimize packaging waste they redesigned their shoe boxes, they started to made products that are environmental friendly. Box Analysis of Brand Elements 6 Categories 20 A key element of this strategy is the partnership we have developed jointly with the international star Rihanna as brand ambassador and creative director. Annual report of Puma 4. This report covers the following topics which were taught in our class by our Honorable Faculty Professor Dr. According to our retail partners as well as independent research companies, we have gained shares in most geographies and channels, showing that PUMA products are again resonating well with consumers. This is because puma maintains a strict rules and use of its logo and other symbols, patterns etc. It is a clear objective for PUMA that retail partners make money with our products.
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Study on Marketing Strategies of Puma Shoes