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Unfortunately, neither piece of technology has shed light on the role of Native American populations in the area.

Eleanor went on to marry a chief and die after giving birth to a daughter.

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The expedition, unlike the previous one, included women and children, and its members were more interested in settlement and a fresh start than exploration. Some speculate that the Roanoke colony simply relocated there. Enjoy this look at the lost colony or Roanoke Island? Charles Ewen, who continued Phelps' work after Phelps retired, announced in April that tests revealed the ring to be composed of brass, not gold. They value themselves extremely for their Affinity to the English, and are ready to do them all friendly Offices. Roanoke was geographically located in the crux of sociopolitical friction between the Secotan —who held sway over Roanoke—and the Chowanoke , who controlled the nearby waterways. White planned to take forty men aboard the pinnace to Roanoke, where he would consult with the fifteen men stationed there by Richard Grenville, before continuing on to Chesapeake Bay. No single Indian tribe or village could have supported them. Unfortunately, neither piece of technology has shed light on the role of Native American populations in the area. Under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, England is strong and prosperous. John Smith, in conference with the chief Powhatan, was told that the Roanoke colonists had merged with a tribe that the Powhatans had killed in intertribal warfare; the colonists had been slaughtered.

No one was there. Even so, the allegations of a Powhatan massacre have persisted into the 21st century.

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An artist and employee of explorer Sir Walter Raleigh, White was later appointed governor of the new lands; he was also the grandfather of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the New World. He was gone for nearly three years. A big day in history: The first baby is born to English settlers in the Americas White was trying to find his daughter Eleanor and her husband, Ananias Dare, and indeed any other English settler on the island.

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When the winds prevented landfall there, the ship was again forced to change course for England, arriving on October 24, Whether groups of Secotan banded together to rid themselves of what they saw as interlopers is anyone's guess, he said.

Excavations will resume in late to determine more fully the nature of Site X and to find more clues to the four-century-old mystery of the Lost Colony.

When he arrived in England after a bad voyage, Queen Elizabeth I had just received intelligence that Spain had built an astonishing armada for one purpose: the invasion of England. After a difficult journey, White returned to England on November 5,

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The research team thinks that when the crisis—whatever that may have been—hit, the colonists split up into smaller groups and dispersed. Once they identify where the spots on the map correspond with today's landscape, a painstaking process of laying out a grid and systematically searching it with their GPR ensues. Others found tribes with strangely European house-building techniques or, in later years, gray-eyed natives with a facility for English. Though at least one of these stories was revealed to be a sham, others are compelling, offering evidence of cohabitation with Europeans who seemingly predated the Jamestown settlers. Mark Horton of the University of Bristol said he was not convinced that this news proved the ring did not date to the 16th century. Two patches on the map made Brent Lane of the First Colony Foundation the group behind the latest archaeological trip and whose work is supported by National Geographic and the Waitt Grants Programs in Durham, North Carolina, wonder if they might hide something beneath. In September, archaeologists will re-excavate parts of the workshop, seeking clues to its size and precise design.
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Archaeologists start a new hunt for the fabled Lost Colony of the New World