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Recommendations In order to determine the recommendations, an assessment of Robin Hood organization can be made by providing a summary of the risks within the organization that needs immediate attention. Continuing to go to the outlying villages for supplies is not an option because with each occurrence their chance of being spotted and followed back to their hiding place within the forest by the Sheriff's men increases dramatically. The band eventually became too big and that started to cause issues. In order to overcome their powerful enemies, Robin Hood should set up strong goals for his band which was also needed be reorganized. Robin is the head of all operations with few delegates who have their own specific duties. An analysis of such strategies using the Robin Hood Case Study provides an example of how strategic management can affect an organization's mission, vision, future and overall success. Why not try to end the campaign by killing the sheriff? However, the difficulties that Robin Hood faced when carrying out his mission were never touched upon. The last objective is innovation.

The size of the organization needs to be at a manageable level and then broken down into smaller groups where training can be concentrated at a higher individual level. Robin Hood can demand quantifiable results by asking the people within the organization for a small nominal fee on a monthly basis.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of accepting the offer of the barons to assist in securing King Richards release from prison? What this means is that Robin Hood, as the leader of the Merrymen, must provide his followers with positive feedback and encouragement.

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They use a very simple strategy currently of robbing the rich to support the poor. Then they Therefore, he sought out allies, men with grievances and a deep sense of justice. Next, Robin Hood must determine what actions will strengthen the competitive advantage over Prince John and his spies, and correct any weaknesses of the Merrymen. Organizational structure I. Robin focused his initial year to instil discipline and the willingness to live outside law, in the members of his band. Robin Hood is looking at revising his strategy in order to find another way to get the resources needed to succesfully furnish his expanding organization. Your cheap custom college paper on Robin Hood Case Study will be written from scratch, so you do not have to worry about its originality. This confidence and trust has already been secured through their previous dealings with the townspeople under their motto of "Rob from the rich, and give to the poor," and the fact that Prince John was unpopular among the townspeople. Robin Hood can achieve this by applying the Business Scoreboard Approach, which can a clarify and translate the vision and strategy, b communicate and link objectives and measures, c plan, set targets, and align the strategic initiatives, and d enhance the strategic feedback and learning.

What issues need to be addressed? Popularized later on as a hero, it is nonetheless quite important to note the original and key identity of Robin Hood and his merry men, outlaws.

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Therefore, he sought out allies, men with grievances and a deep sense of justice. The reputation Robin and his men have developed could be of considerable strength to his cause.

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