Role model nick vujicic

As I observe him hobble on the platform set up on stage, I take a good hard look at myself. The second part of the DVD was filmed at his local church in Brisbane — one of his first professional motivational speeches. Determined to move away from these lies, he focused his energy on believing in his own worth and self-love.

He also published his first book——Life without Limbs. Can one be really happy in life? Take one day at a time. At the age of eight, Nick Vujicic could not see a bright future ahead and he became depressed. He encourages everyone to take action. Are you allowing circumstances to prevent you from living intentionally?

Emmons, R. Be Healthy and Stay Healthy Nick, despite his hectic schedule, makes an effort to keep himself healthy.

what can we learn from nick vujicic
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Mental Health Hero Nick Vujicic