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The other concept is that since supply chains have existed for quite a long time, most of the companies have only focused on what was happening within their own organization. These divisions help in separating the procurement as well as the management operation.

The suppliers can sell their products online through Amazon. This initiative is critical in reducing the total net-landed cost and optimising inventory at the same time. The SCM in UAE is different from that of other countries and the risk involved is drastic and no well formulated model is followed there.

Firms in a supply chain relate, transact, and partner on different levels; from product design and development to product delivery.

The state government and the federal government require a framework for encouraging and regulating organisations in the adoption of a GSCM that can be termed as sustainable. The industry is growing notably and with an efficient SCM method being incorporated, the sector would be highly facilitated, which has not been the case so far.

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Lee and Corey Billington. These two are connected to the central project which ensures smooth flow of the work by maintaining apt flow of information without any obstruction in between Michael and McCathie, Aldershot, Hampshire, England: Ashgate.

Though project management is dealt with much importance in any project risk assessment is often neglected. Before organizations focus on supply chain management, the business leaders have one main task of determining what the entire chain encompasses.

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