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Lemacks 4 Works Cited Twain, Mark. However, he lacked financial acumen.

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Twain had found his calling. Twain succeeds once more in ridiculing the media through dark humor. Twain uses this same technique in his short story, A Presidential Candidate, in which he jokingly writes that he has made up his mind to run for president but, instead of waiting on Lemacks 3 reporters to publish everything bad about him in the newspaper, he is going to come out with everything bad that he has done in the past.

He was a failure at gold mining, so he next turned to journalism.

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Born during a visit by Halley's Comet, he died on its return. Eric C. In using his precious irony, Twain makes his point very clear and makes sure to drive the message of the judicial systems corruptness through to the reader.

The next day newspapers start to come out accusing Mr. One of the papers says that Twain has been convicted of perjury by thirty-four witnesses against a native woman in Cochin China! Twain is list all of the absurd accusations in the following pages. Then she dragged the body to the middle of the floor and beat and Lemacks 2 banged it with chairs and such things.

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The insanity plea basically states that if a person is mentally insane, they cannot be held accountable for any crimes they commit while insane. After toiling as a printer in various cities, he became a master riverboat pilot on the Mississippi River, before heading west to join Orion.

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