Short term and long term goals to become a pharmacist

She said a long-term goal means something that will take over a year but often gets expressed in three or five-year increments.

short term career goals

Several open response items were included on the questionnaire. Customers become an important part of my life since a bond is created when a salesman successfully sells a customer an item and the customer feels that they have been fully accounted for. Certainly, many pharmacy careers offer more flexible scheduling than is found in other health care fields.

Figure 1 outlines the short- and longer-term career aspirations of the respondents. Nonetheless, I also discovered my natural ability to over nurture for my customers which in essence lead to me becoming a better salesman but also a better person. Having someone to report back to can help keep you moving forward.

Short term and long term goals to become a pharmacist

For example, contributing to healthcare and enjoying science-based subjects at school have been cited when choosing pharmacy. Promoting our services can be as important as actually doing the services in the first place. This may help explain why the field of pharmacy has a higher female-to-male ratio. At the end of the day, the profession of pharmacy is a service profession. A cover sheet outlined the purpose of the study, gave a predicted completion time, and provided assurance that participation was voluntary. Comparisons were conducted to ascertain whether gender and country where students received their education affected responses. I yearn for the ability to dispense potentially life saving medication to the sick and ailing in the long run.

Nothing needs more improvement for the profession of pharmacy than our resistance or lack thereof to negative changes. The majority of respondents indicated their relationship status was single From there, I yearned for a career in pharmacy.

Thus I am prepared for such a career because no two customers are ever alike, and I am developed enough mentally and physically to cater to variably stimulus.

Long-Term Goals: Bhavana will continue to develop leadership and management skills and hopes to make a positive impact in health care with new technology and innovations.

Currently, she is a pharmacist at an independent pharmacy in Northern NJ.

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