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When Suki gets to school she gets laughed at and teased for being different. And Suki's classmates seemed a bit too mean and outspoken for first graders on the first day of school.

I get that her outfit was something special for the first day, but it would have been more appropriate for a presentation or an event.

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The discussion includes questions of differing levels of thinking, from basic comprehension to analyzing motivation to predicting their own response to that situation. As a class, discuss the story. Why did her sisters say that she should wear something else? They will interview them about the struggles they have faced in maintaing their culture and resisting conformity. Why did Suki dance for the class? Use communication and social skills to interact effectively with others. On poster paper, teacher will construct a T-chart and ask class to explain how Suki was the same and different from her classmates. Allow students to use notes to aid in remembering role-play parts. Standard 1.

Standard 1. Students can identify objects they love that represent their culture. Finally, the fact that Suki's mom let her wear her Kimono and obi to school seems a little far-fetched to me.

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Recognize individual and group similarities and differences. Why did her sisters say that she should wear something else?

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How do you think Suki felt after the dance, and then after the clapping?

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