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I am squeeing so hard the dog is hiding right now. The Ondawa pattern produces a rather dense material. I love the musical. I could go in to a long description of the heroic efforts involved in trying to bring it back up, but I think most readers will realize that the entire process consisted of me sitting in front of a laptop sipping soda and periodically muttering obscenities.

I absolutely loved the pattern and experienced zero cabling fatigue! I just got back from a double loop of the island that took It was clumsy and frustrating.

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Please be aware that Red Sweater Project is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. I'm very content, cozy, and warm.

I finished the sleeves over Christmas and sewed up all the pieces when I got back to the Bay on Monday. But hey, it's winter!

Farewell, Slicehost — we barely knew ye. Wherever Red Sweater Project collects sensitive information such as credit card datathat information is encrypted and transmitted to Red Sweater Project in a secure way. Painting with light September 28th, I ran across an article on PetaPixel.

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