Teens and marijuana essay

negative effects of marijuanas essay

Marijuana association damages the lives of many teens who get caught engaging in marijuana associated problematic behaviors. Teachers and educators have a role to play in promoting the success of school-based interventions.

Competence enhancement programs can be used to counter the effects of social learning processes, by encouraging teens who are victims of drug consumption to change their ways.

APA further stresses that the THC contained in marijuana affects how the brain analyzes sensory information; specifically, it distorts how signals are relayed and analyzed in the hippocampus, that part of the brain that controls learning, emotions, motivation, and memory.

When it is eaten the effects come slower and last much longer. Obtaining marijuana is very easy. A joint is a hand rolled cigarette with marijuana inside. Fergusson, D.

marijuana abuse essay

People charged under marijuana laws may end up with criminal records that hurt their plans for college or finding a job. Most young teens engage in marijuana usage as their first drug of choice.

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The dangers to students of regular marijuana use (essay)