Telomere shortening and lifestyle factors effecting

What are telomeres? Telomere length progressively shortens with age in various mitotic tissues and cell types 213 — The sequence of telomeric DNA contains guanine in significant proportions. Discussion Multiple factors have been shown to affect telomere length. Different speeds of telomere shortening and aging depending on SES The link between telomere shortening, SES and accelerated aging Socio-economic status SES determines the rank of an individual in society by referring to a combination of many social and economic factors.

When this decrease of telomerase activity becomes chronic, it contributes to accelerated telomere shortening [6].

telomere shortening mechanism

One study showed that in a group of year-old men and women, there was a significant difference in telomere length of about bp [1]. Over time, telomerase can be depleted and degraded, making it harder for the body to repair its telomeres. Telomerase is an enzyme—a protein—whose job it is to repair the telomeres.

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Both smoking and obesity seem to be risk factors that directly influence life expectancy. However, the speed of the phenomenon varies from person to person, and no one really knows why.

Better choice of diet and activities has great potential to reduce the rate of telomere shortening or at least prevent excessive telomere attrition, leading to delayed onset of age-associated diseases and increased lifespan.

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This review highlights the role of telomeres in aging and describes the lifestyle factors which may affect telomeres, human health, and aging.

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How to Lengthen Telomeres and Delay Telomere Shortening