The evils of obedience

Its influence can be traced to two landmark empirical programs led by social psychologists in the s and early s: Milgram's Obedience to Authority research and Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment.

milgram obedience study

Third, group identity did not mean that people simply accepted their assigned position; instead, it empowered them to resist it. And why? If He asks and requires duties of us that are difficult for us to perform, looking at them naturally, He will give us power to accomplish them.

Because He possesses all righteousness, all power, and all wisdom. At root, the fundamental point is that tyranny does not flourish because perpetrators are helpless and ignorant of their actions. Augustine, who was himself such a man.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the perfect law of liberty. These are universal blessings, they are great and inestimable privileges which pertain to the gospel and to the plan of life and salvation, which are open and free to all on certain conditions, but which no persons beneath the heavens can enjoy, but through walking in the channel that God has marked out by which they can obtain them.

The evil man inflicts injury on himself; he would not do so, however, if he knew that evil is evil. In jest, and in Homeric language as well, what is the Platonic Socrates, if not-- [Greek words inserted here.

Obedience to authority essay

More systematically, we have examined variations in participants' identification with the Experimenter and the science that he represents as opposed to their identification with the Learner and the general community. There is no liberty that men enjoy or pretend to enjoy in the world that is not founded in the will and in the law of God, and that does not have truth for its underlying principle and foundation. Who has agency? What was truly frightening about Eichmann was not that he was unaware of what he was doing, but rather that he knew what he was doing and believed it to be right. Is it to crush men? All believers should have a basic understanding of fallen human nature and how it ever seeks its own ends. In short, they should be seen—and judged—as engaged followers not as blind conformists [45].

Nonetheless, the banality of evil became the dominant lateth-century explanation for the problem of mass atrocities.

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Good People, Evil Actions