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Freedom of Information Act reveals British safety problems; [press release] Sequestered science: secrets threatening public health. The National Archives and Records Administration oversees federal agency recordkeeping and archiving. The FOIA, a codification of the amendment to the Administrative Procedure Act ofwent into effect a year after it was signed and has since been amended many times.

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Nov 28, [cited Jan 1]. Gonzales and issued by President George W. It should be noted that files maintained by Congress , the judicial system , and state governments are not covered by the federal FOIA, although many states and courts have similar access rules for their own files. The FOIA's "broad provisions favoring disclosure, coupled with the specific exemptions, reveal and present the 'balance' Congress has struck. From: Attorney General John Ashcroft. For instance, organizations have used FOIA along with other records to create a database of federal corporate contractor misconduct and to investigate state spending of federal homeland security grants. The FOIA thus established a statutory right of public access to Executive Branch information in the federal government. Nov, [cited Jan 3]. Testimony of Peter Lurie, M. It wasn't until , after the Watergate scandal and the tight-lipped Nixon administration, that Congress amended FOIA to become the bill it is today. Apr 4, [cited Jan 3]. Project on Government Oversight.

Mar 18, [cited Jan 3]. Johnson on July 4,that granted American citizens the right to see the contents of files maintained about them by federal executive branch agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigationthe State and Defense departments, and the Internal Revenue Service.

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On September 15, , Congress required the secretary of state to publish in at least three of the public newspapers printed within the United States every bill, order, resolution, and vote of the houses of Congress as well as any presidential objection to those actions. And third, the Guidelines direct the implementation of new metrics by which FOIA performance can be measured. The President's Memorandum called not just for a change in policy, but a change in culture. Johnson—believed that certain types of unclassified government information should nonetheless remain secret. Memorandum for heads of all federal departments and agencies. It concluded that federal agencies are struggling to implement public disclosure rules. Jan 27, [cited Jan 3]. All opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. Mar 19, [cited Jan 1]. National Security Archive. This push built on existing principles and protocols of government administration already in place. Along with making public and accessible all bureaucratic and technical procedures for applying for documents from that agency, agencies are also subject to penalties for hindering the process of a petition for information.

The New York Times. Cross, served as a resource to congressional subcommittees that later wrote the FOIA legislation. These exemptions include information that is restricted for national security; law enforcement investigation records; government employee personnel records, medical records, and banking records; trade secrets required by government registration; internal government agency memoranda; geological and geophysical data on oil and gas wells; and any material explicitly exempt by an act of Congress.

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Nor did his expansion of executive privilege endear him to Congress. In the latest analysis published in using and data, the most recent years available ten of the 15 did not earn satisfactory overall grades, scoring less than 70 out of a possible points.

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Especially where, as here, an agency's responses to a request for information have been tardy and grudging, courts should be sure they do not abdicate their own duty.

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The Freedom of Information Act: Implications for Public Health Policy and Practice