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The Jungle, originally serialized by the newspaper, was published in book form in How does Jurgis lose his money?

Chapter IX Jurgis becomes more and more involved in the union. Similar to an animal, Jurgis exists, from a severe capitalist point of view, only to carry out his function at the meat-packing plant.

why is it so important to elzbieta to have a religious symbol in their home?

The Jungle follows the experiences of an extended Lithuanian family that immigrates to the United States in the early s to make their fortune. This need requires that more members of the family go to work.

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How is that concern reconciled? The coming misfortunes are hinted at in the descriptions of guests and their own misfortunes. What moral pitfalls plagued the working men?

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How does Jurgis react to this news? Just as the stockyards are crammed with animals being herded to slaughter, so too are they packed with laborers systematically being destroyed by economic forces beyond their control. Could the story have taken place anywhere else? Because of the obvious legislative results of The Jungle, it could be incorporated into a study of books that changed the country. What do Aniele and Elzbieta insist that Jurgis must do? How does Jurgis benefit from the second strike? He assaults the man and is arrested. What happens when Jurgis encounters Connor again? What happens when Jurgis tries to go back to work?
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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair