Womens suffrage in seneca falls continued

When these women came to the leading suffrage organizations asking for help in securing voting rights, white women turned them away.

Womens suffrage in seneca falls continued

That oversight has resulted in a misunderstanding of the multiple facets of this long campaign. Even Lucretia Mottwho organized the Seneca Falls Convention with Stanton, begged Stanton not to include women's suffrage among the resolutions. A nephew of Elizabeth Cady Stanton climbed in a window and opened the door.

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And it became a tool that served them well. When we pull at that thread and ask how this story came to be—not the facts of the convention itself, but the story about that convention, along with the lessons that inhered within it—we unravel something that we were not meant to see: history-telling as an important form of activism. The National Reformer reported that the convention "forms an era in the progress of the age; it being the first convention of the kind ever held, and one whose influence shall not cease until woman is guaranteed all the rights now enjoyed by the other half of creation—Social, Civil and POLITICAL. By the s, some Hicksite Quakers determined to bring women and men together in their business meetings as an expression of their spiritual equality. Yet, as in , people today tell the story of Seneca Falls as if it has always been true and they forget to attend to its history. James Mott, Lucretia Mott's husband, would chair the meeting, as many would consider such a role for women to be unacceptable. Wives could be punished, and in a case of divorce, a mother had no child custody rights. But Cady Stanton refused to back down. Some signers asked to have their names removed. Our numerous and yearly petitions for this most desirable object having been disregarded, we now ask your august body, to abolish all laws which hold married women more accountable for their acts than infants, idiots, and lunatics. Bascom spoke at length about the property rights it secured for married women, including property acquired after marriage. Cady Stanton, in what was her first public speech, rose to state the purpose of the convention. A few men aided in this effort.

Byequal rights for women was a divisive issue. The public generally are invited to be present on the second day, when Lucretia Mott of Philadelphia, and others, ladies and gentlemen will address the convention.

What we remember, and what we forget, matters. So, as we continue to struggle for justice and equality in the present, and as we move forward into the future, we must be mindful of what and how we remember.

Women were denied access to higher education, the professions, and the pulpit, as well as equal pay for equal work.

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It shows us how remembering was an essential piece of the long fight for the vote, and how remembering is always loaded with significant political consequences.

Lucretia Mott, now an elderly widow, sought in vain to reconcile the two camps. The Declaration was re-read several times, amended, and adopted unanimously.

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They rented property from Richard P.

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Years Since Seneca Falls: Continuing to Organize for Equality