Write a paragraph of 100-150 words on mobile phone curse or blessing

Essay Mobile Phones a Curse or a Blessing! Mobile phone, with the symbol of fashion, popularity and innovation, fits in with Should Mobile Phones be Banned in Schools? Are they really essential as a learning tool?

So should they be allowed to bring them to school? Mobile phones are handy and are easy to carry in pockets.

An essay on mobile phone is a curse or boon

Also, every form that we fill today has a mandatory column asking to provide the phone number. You can talk video chat with whoever you want, by just operating your mobile phone or smart phone. But mobile phone plays a vital role in the development of our civilization. Now a day mobile phone or its connection is easily accessible. In addition, mobile phones also play an anti-social role in mankind. Its high frequency microwave are damaging our ear. They spend too much time on mobile phone browsing different social networking sites or watching movies or playing games that spoil their study hours. They can disturb teachers and students. Conclusion There are innumerable ways in which a mobile phone could be useful in our everyday life. Such unwanted social buffs could be really annoying and some people are known to be trailed so regularly using inappropriate and indecent comments that they had to totally shut down their social media account. Mobile phones quickly attract the student attention by its small and convenient, rich sources, and many other characteristics. In daily life almost everyone now is reliable of their mobile phones. The signals here our voice is carried with the help of large carrier wave.

But despite all the advantages, mobile phones could sometimes be annoying too. This essay will argue that mobile phones are a necessary tool for education but also they are not necessary tool for education.

smartphone blessing or curse essay

Mobile phones today have become so useful that, they have actually replaced the use of laptops and other bigger gadgets. Though there are a few disadvantages of mobile phones, we cannot deny the usefulness or necessity of mobile phones in our day to day life.

Essay on mobile phone boon or curse for students

It has become more of a fashion than of a need to keep a mobile phone. Now we can trace a person wherever he is. Tax are evaded by many by doing mobile Satorias activities. So Mobile phones have completely changed the lives of humans for many years. In fact, the whole world has become a small village due to the revolutionary invention of mobile phone or the cell phone. Many apps provide navigation assistance to a stranded driver or someone who wants to get to a particular place. The invention of the mobile phone is a great success of science. Nevertheless, there is also no denying the fact that a gadget as useful as a mobile phone could sometime be annoying and irritating. Conclusion In the end it would be more appropriate to say that mobile phones are both a boon and a bane. They also have short range wireless communication like Bluetooth and infrared. Again some physician claims that excessive use of mobile phones can be health hazardous.

In addition to calls or messages, the mobile phone can also be used as a calculator, camera, voice recording device, audio and video player etc.

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