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Anyone know why I would be getting this? I am able to extract login token, successfully login and retrieve an edit token as well.

It is a good idea to give those variables a unique name. Parameters: wlallrev - Include multiple revisions of the same page within given timeframe.

Values separate with ' ' : sortkey, timestamp, hidden clshow - Which kind of categories to show Values separate with ' ' : hidden,!

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Parameters: cmtitle - Which category to enumerate required. Parameters: title - Page title section - Section number.

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Only the current version of the image can be scaled. Testing[ edit ] A good way of testing your bot as you are developing is to have it show the changes if any it would have made to a page, rather than actually editing the live wiki. I saw the Api examples and there output formats. Parameters: ellimit - How many links to return No more than for bots allowed. For example, you can see all the extensions installed on this wiki at Special:Version. In my own case, my own tool is a maintenance tool for small edits on a lot of pages, keeping the watchlist unchanged seems the better default option. For example, the open proxy-finding code of ProcseeBot could be used for malicious purposes on other sites. To limit to only discussion pages, you would need to first know the namespace IDs for all the talk namespaces, which you can get from API:Siteinfo e. As with prose, it is often difficult for the author of code to adequately review it. One value: links, images, templates, categories, duplicatefiles, allimages, allpages, alllinks, allcategories, backlinks, categorymembers, embeddedin, imageusage, search, watchlist, watchlistraw, exturlusage, random, protectedtitles redirects - Automatically resolve redirects indexpageids - Include an additional pageids section listing all returned page IDs. I don't have any problems with logging in to Wikipedias.

Default: 10 cmsort - Property to sort by One value: sortkey, timestamp Default: sortkey cmdir - In which direction to sort One value: asc, desc Default: asc cmstart - Timestamp to start listing from. For reference, I'm writing this on Code. In the query string in the URL, add the action parameter.

If rvsection is set, only that section will be diffed against this text. Overrides diffto. Ah, found the conflict myself: i was using the false epedittime.

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