Writing a cover letter for short story submission

Example cover letter for magazine submission

Disobeying submission guidelines can sometimes lead to an automatic rejection of your short story. You might indicate why you chose to send this particular piece to this particular publication. Sample A represents a cover letter that would accompany a snail mail submission. Sign up to receive writing advice, news, and special deals. A hardcopy of a cover letter should only be one page in length with your typeface taking up about half of the page. Avoid giving a detailed description of your short story, as well. Once aware of cover letters, however, I found myself confused.

Here are a few other tips you might want to keep in mind when preparing your letter: 1. Whether you are submitting through postal mail or email, your cover letter should be single-spaced, written in standard block or semi-block format, and double-spaced between paragraphs.

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Resist making witty comments or statements that hype your story. If you are not this sort of writer but still interested in this article, then please grab your magnifying glass and come along with me to take a closer look at cover letters for short stories.

Never write about how your story has been rejected in the past, if that is the case. I've read the submission guidelines for several magazines, but none of them mention this.

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Finish with a polite, 'Thank you for your time and attention. Also, include biographical information.

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Your Perfect Cover Letter