Writing a letter to the editor of the washington post

This can open you up to a lot of future posting opportunities, as well as the money. The turnaround time it takes to receive your pitch, vet you as an author, and get a post written is such that trying to cover breaking news is just not going to happen. You should also read their rules about ethics and conflicts of interest.

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Op-eds on WaPo are limited to about words. They may not have been submitted to, posted to or published by any other media. Should you write in a more personal style, or keep your content impersonal and factual?

How does the talent network work? You know, standard blog post stuff for flagship content.

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Additionally, we ask that writers disclose any personal or financial interest in the subject at hand. Track down the managing or deputy editors for the section you want to write for, and do the whole influencer networking thing.

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Next, you can submit a correction. You give WaPo the rights to use content you submit. They prefer letters that are very short, under words, that are unique and that are based on an existing published piece on the site. What are the guidelines for op-ed submissions? Although we carefully review all unsolicited pieces that are submitted, we also reach out to people we think might have an interesting opinion on a topic in the news — especially when the news is breaking and we'd like to get smart commentary onto the website and into the paper quickly. Is it largely about global issues, national issues, or do local issues crop up as well? Think of a topic that subverts the usual discussion around that topic, or that brings light to an issue that plagues your industry in a unique way. No violence, no libel, no pornography, no violations of laws or privacy, no copyright violations, and so on. How much fact and how many sources are cited in the content? Related Posts.

For verification purposes, they must also include the writer's home address, email address and telephone numbers, including a daytime telephone number. Developing a Frame of Mind While reading content, you should be formulating ideas that you may be able to pitch. The chances of you being able to submit content to that section are fairly slim.

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